The Scarlette

Forex & Fashion // Two Dresses for you!

Due to popular demand.. (eagle-eyed readers who caught glimpses of our dresses from my hairstyle shots), I’ve decided to post up some styles first: first dips for my readers! 😀

The plan was to launch them a month later on our upgraded website, with a ‘Scarlette Comeback” discount mechanism in place. But I’ve decided I’m too impatient to wait for Jeff (our website guy) so here goes. For inquiries on sizing, payment and etc, please email me at (note the old email isn’t working anymore because some Russian or Ukrainian guy stole our domain and is selling penis enlargement devices on them, apparently.) Don’t worry you are still getting the discounted prices now – as a general rule, The Scarlette is very ethical and does not fuck around with people. Retailing now for S$35-49.


(Since they have not been named, pardon the un-fanciful names..)

1) Bridesmaid Dress (style commissioned by our girlfriend for her bridesmaid party) – available in blue and pink

2) Toga maxi – in fuschia and coral

Progress with the pictures is quite slow because Kira keeps plonking herself on my lap while I’m working and with her furry, massive body in front of me, I can hardly see my 40-inch monitor screen. Super manga and kaypoh dog!!!


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