Scarlette, surfing, tattoos, A NEW LIFE AHEAD

So pardon me if I’m absent these few days; I’ve got just three days to go before leaving for vacation! And every spare minute I have, I am trying to tweak lighting because we took a bunch of pictures for The Scarlette last weekend and HK was being its usual uncooperative gloomy self. Pft. In other news, I have a lot more space for more tattoos I see. Good to know! PS. I finally hired a website designer to elevate our sad online presence. Under construction but watch this space! The new collection is to die for.. juicy, beautiful dresses that would fit right in with the jet setting resort chic crowd! I will pretend that this collection is inspired by my travels; but if I do – it means every future collection from now will be similarly themed, given mine/S’s penchant for beach vacations. Researching surf schools now – we are challenging each other to learn surfing in as least time as possible! \m/


2 thoughts on “Scarlette, surfing, tattoos, A NEW LIFE AHEAD

  1. Love the dress & hair! When are you coming back to HK? I’ll be there 2 to 9 July – will be fab to (like, FINALLY & ACTUALLY) catch up 🙂

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