Mid-week laundry list

I kinda realized why I blog significantly less these days. At work, I’m writing reports. After work, I’m writing S super long emails. And after that, comes blogging which is increasingly coming behind sleep, in terms of priority. Haha.

I have many things to blog about actually. Like how I received my Club Couture parcel the other week and have heaps of sponsored clothes to wear, but haven’t gotten down to altering them. Like what made me switch my vacation plan to Bali/Borobodur from Mongolia. Like how I’ve, in the past two weeks, heard from three separate friends on how they are disillusioned with life/sick of work. Like how I really want to be Aunt Aggy, but I doubt if Aunt Aggy columns even exist anymore. Like how I am so swamped with work right now due to several.. human resource events going on in my team. Like how Kira ate another pair of underwear and I’ve been busy Googling on how long foreign objects take to pass through (for the record, I read of a dog that was still shitting out parts of his 6-foot long blue colored leash a year after he ate it) and examining Kira’s poop with a hawk eye.

But I guess I will never write about them in detail so a cursory laundry list will have to suffice for now.

Funny, even though it’s just a laundry list, I feel happy just typing words that flow naturally, and are not constructed to sound objective and often evasive (work) or interspersed with “sweetie” at every juncture (emails to S). I guess I really like writing. 🙂


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