It’s weekend, and feeling happy to be back in civilization..

Hello world, it’s been a while. I apologize for my absence but I was stuck in BJ for work. What was supposed to be a one-day trip became two days, then three. Yucks! Don’t get me wrong; I really like BJ, but being stuck in the hotel, even if it’s The Ritz, for three days (and not even seeing Houhai or Sanlitun) really gets to me.

Scheduled an emergency facial the moment I landed in HK, let’s say it was very timely – got all these zits from stress and Air China. Nothing makes me appreciate HK more than a trip to the mainland. The grass is so much greener on the other side of the South China Sea!!!

Anyway, something curious to share – apparently the hambok did not always look like the hambok we know today from period dramas. Somewhere in the Joseon period, they shortened the jeogori (the top part of the outfit) and while Googling, I found this! Almost shocking haha, I never knew!

Gonna go eat oysters with CC tonight at On Lot 10, our new favorite places for oysters..!


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