Pharmacies, weird here.

Just took Kira on a little hike around Wanchai, well actually I was dragging her along to run errands with me. Why buy a small box of Old Town for 25 bucks at the supermarket where you can’t bring your dog when you can buy a big packet of Old Town for 36 bucks at the pharmacy along the road? Run by boys who smoke in the pharmacy so I’m sure they don’t mind an additional dog in their shop.

Pharmacies here sell the darnest things, on top of your usual over-the-counter vitamins and medicines – I often get my kitchen towels, toilet paper, bottled water and Old Town coffee supply from pharmacies, at 60-70% cheaper than supermarkets. I guess they needed to diversify. And strangely, they always have ash trays inside, it’s as if only smokers need to buy things from the pharmacy.

I’m curious to know where they get their goods from, how can they be so cheap? Parallel imports? But anyways. Pharmacies, weird here.

I’m so tired now, getting walked by Miss K is tough!!!

I have officially started a fruit fast after my highly decadent meal of oysters, artichokes and lobster last night. I am so fat, it’s not healthy anymore. FRUIT FAST!!! \m/


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