BKK with S

How was the weekend, my friends?

Mine was beautiful; it always is with S around. I can’t help but think of the old adage: how lucky I am to have someone to miss! After years of navigating the Long Distance Relationships, we have become masters of thinking positive: we may be a less than perfect situation, but we are more than perfect in each other’s eyes; we may be a day after we last met, but a day closer towards our next meeting in end June/early July.

For our next trip, we are eyeing Bali or Mongolia. We haven’t been to either, together, and we’re excited to. We can also add to our growing magnet collection! Haha, we have a little ritual: instead of expensive souvenirs, we request only a simple magnet whenever the other travels. Because S transits a lot more than I do, especially in the Middle East, I have a lot of camel magnets from Doha on my refrigerator.. ^^

In Bangkok, we spent an almost half of our 36 hours at Tung’s – S got a guardian bonji for his year (Monkey), and a manta ray, which is super difficult to draw. Tung literally had to redraw the manta at least five times before getting it vaguely right. Manta was super painful too.. after watching S almost pass out from the pain, I shrank my tattoo idea to 1/100th of the original intended size. I got a guardian bonji too, for my year (Ox) and a couple of birds and a dandelion that funnily enough looks like the wallpaper for the new Samsung Galaxy 3. I changed phones, so I don’t have a picture of my new tattoo 😦 Will wait for S to send me! I like it… ish. but It’s a bit small for my liking, so maybe I re-do ha ha ha.

But seriously though, my tolerance for pain seems to have gone down significantly. Tattoos are painful! I don’t know why we keep doing it! O_o

For the rest of our trip, we ate cheap, walked around Khaosan and met a young, new-generation Chinese couple and ended up talking until 4.30am into the night, at a bar on Soi Rambuttri. I learned more about the inner workings of Chinese youth in one night, then I ever did in 2+ years months of working with Chinese people. There is something about being on vacation and away from groupthink that loosens the tongue, wipes the inhibitions away. Even Jacques, our new friend, said that if we had met in different circumstances, the contents of our conversation would have been quite different.

We talked about so much – politics, education, Tibet, career, love, prospects, the future. It was a touching moment. S and I felt like we were treated to a rare glimpse of China today, safe from media whitewashing, or state propaganda. We are outsiders, we always will be, unless one day someone opens up and takes us on a little tour inside.


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