Working from home is quite difficult as I’m discovering, with the ever so attention-seeking Kira constantly jumping up at me and drooling all over the desk, and jabbing her paws into my keyboard (and creating multiple page breaks in my report).

On the bright side, my company has significantly revamped its remote access system so working from home is quite a pleasure, speed-wise.

I have a last minute addition to my tattoo ideas: swallows! I like birds, quite a bit.. and I have several birds on my body already. I can’t quite count them, since I can’t really see them. In fact I think Tung added a couple of flying birds on my shoulder without me even knowing. I love what birds stand for – strong, free, unencumbered by land, or sea. Freedom and beauty. And flight, in its ever mysterious nature.

If I were a bird, I would fly to him all the time, no miles needed.

But I don’t know whether to do a scattering of swallows, across my back (wherever there is space), or on my forearm (I know, completely writing off the finance career in my mind already), or on the sides of my body, just below the breasts. Or a single one, at the nape of my neck, to cover the old Thai word I got ages ago in Phuket with Lynn, just because I wanted to get one, together with her and Liwern.

What do you think? I attach a couple of inspirations that I found on Tumblr…


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