Best places to visit in Asia in July

I have been doing some research, because.. I am getting 10 days off in July! 😀 Generally speaking, SEA is very rainy in July, with the exception of East Malaysia/Thailand which I am not too keen on any way. There is only so many times one can go to Thailand and I think I have exhausted my lifelong quota.

I was planning to make a trip to Greece/Italy in summer, but S told me to postpone as he might be in Asia by then. I’m not sure how that’s going to work out, considering we’re already at the tail-end of May, but.. OK, traveling intra-Asia is cheaper for me anyways. 😀

So this is what my research has yielded the following destinations in Asia:

Bali and Java – dry weather!! ^^ (Best of recommendations)
Mongolia and Tibet – may rain a little, but July/Aug is best time to visit
China: Xinjiang and Gansu (the Silk Road region)
East Malaysia – Tioman Island, Terengganu, Redang Island and the Perhentian Islands
East Thailand – Koh Samui and its friendly neighbors

Me most keen on Mongolia, Tibet and the Silk Road region, obviously! Bali could be a good alternative.. and I would definitely visit Borobodur this time!

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11 thoughts on “Best places to visit in Asia in July

  1. Talkin’ abt travel plans…could you be so kind as to share with me the top few places that are a MUST-GO for massage / food / cool local designer shopping?? Besides Chatuchak…I have no clue. thx in advance!

  2. amandina says:

    Haha.. mm I’m not very good with BKK either, to be honest. I like hanging around Khao San area, which is the backpackers’ area, and the surrounding Sois. I also like Sukhumvit, but it’s a long road with many Sois, so read up beforehand. For cool local deigned shopping, try Siam Discovery (I think that’s what it’s called) or the little stores in Siam Square. The Suan Lum night market is good too, but only 2 blocks (the ones nearer to the outdoor eating area). Try visiting the temples for a change, and a friend recommended Wat Po for massages, because that’s where Thai massage is supposed to have originated from.. For food, I don’t have a particular favorite but I remember the restaurant at Banyan Tree was good. I also like eating roadside pad thai and banana pancakes from Khao San ^^ And there’s a funny seafood restaurant at Rambuttri Road (off Khao San) which is good. This time I’m planning to go to the bar at Lebua on Chao Phraya river haha because that’s where they filmed Hangover 2 – LOL.

    • ooh many thanks! somehow banana pancakes in Thailand are always so yum n cheap 🙂 e last time i visited bkk , i felt that things were either too cheap lookin (i.e. far east style shopping) or way too mainstream designer expensive. hope to find some unique pieces this time! 🙂

  3. I’ve been living like a nomad..changing resort every night. But being alone in duplex pool villa is more freaky than enjoyable. Esp when there’s a Frangipani tree outside..

    It’s a great place if you want peace, a lot of trees/rice paddies and wellness. Haha. Can stay at COMO Shambhala Estate. Haha

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