And my heart burst into fireworks

Good afternoon world. HK has been unbelievably rainy of late, it’s been raining almost every day since the start of May! Actually, since mid-April.. Occasionally a bright day rolls around, convincingly hot enough to make us think summer Is here; then the skies relapse and we go back into three-day stretches of dreary raininess.

In my short living memory, I’ve never known weather so fickle and depressing as in these past three years. I maintain the weather gods are reminding us of how we’re harming the environment. Recycle, reduce, reuse, everybody!

Jumped and trampled my way to Wanchai Computer Center to run some errands for S. Tried to amp up the girliness with the salesmen to score some free protection screens, bumpers and ‘bling bling’. Busted when the boss came back from his lunch break and asked where my boyfriend was. But never mind, I got the screens, bumpers and bling blings already! ^^

I brought Kira for a spa yesterday.. I really like this pet shop, it’s near Wanchai, really clean, and the girls working there are so nice! I can easily walk Kira over from my place, run some errands by myself then pick her up. It was Kira’s first time meeting other dogs, and it was so beautiful to watch her. She met a chowchow, several poodles and maltese and a really adorable golden retriever.. and Kira was just so sweet to them! Even the tiniest dogs, she treats them so sweetly..

I knew, the moment I set my eyes on her, that Kira would be a sweet-natured dog.. even though she momentarily turned into a monster while teething.. Thank God we seem to be reaching the end of that phase.. 🙂

I sent S a text yesterday evening to tell him I want to get another dog so Kira can be a big sister. And he replied, not yet sweetie.. next time.. when we get a bigger house..

And my heart burst into fireworks.


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