don’t worry, about a thing- everything is gonna be alright

Aaaahhhhh. There is nothing quite like idleness after 21 hours straight at work. I rolled into the office at lunch time today and left by 6.30pm, determined to lower the average number of hours I spend daily in the office this week. I went grocery shopping, came home and prepared a bowl of  pasta with tuna and bell peppers for myself, and kibble and minced chicken meat with salmon oil for Kira. I never thought I’d say this, but it looks like I’m finally capable of whipping up decent food! With Bob M. on the stereo, I am ready to say this: life isn’t that bad! 

S and I decided on our tattoos! 🙂 He is going to get a Manta and a Sanskrit protection symbol for his year (monkey) and I will get a large curvy design down my spine, with a turtle attached, plus a matching Sanskrit symbol for my year (ox). We’re the type of couple that gets cheesed out by couples in matching t-shirts, but tattoos, it seems, are fine 😛 We talked about the 0.00001% chance that we would break up, divorce or separate, but whatever, it’s a low probability.

Oh, I can’t wait for him to move to HK!


One thought on “don’t worry, about a thing- everything is gonna be alright

  1. f. says:

    Feeling so happy for you la !! Bkk weekend and everything else (even your making sure getting off work at 630), you really do have a life and a BEAUTIFUL one! SO excited to see how life pans out for you! (because you’re so awesome ;D)

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