Pet sitters and tattoos

I am conducting interviews this Sunday for pet sitters. HAHA. Should be fun. One candidate even has a certificate in obedience training! Which is like a million times more qualified than me! Now I can take guiltless trips to meet S, and have peace of mind whenever I have to pull 20-hour days due to earnings. And come to think of it.. I have a business trip coming up and that needs taking care of too.

Dropped Tung an email and begged him not to go to his treehouse in Kanchanaburi to smoke up, and stay in Khao San road and give us four tattoos instead on the weekend of 26-27 May. Unbelievable, he  replied me instantly using iPhone! What has technology done to my tattoo guru. He even has a website now, but I’m not going to share it because it’s getting harder and harder to get an appointment with him. He is fully booked from my birthday weekend all the way until end-May!

We are getting four tattoos because S says even numbered tattoos are bad luck in Korean (Italian?) culture. He is so convinced that he even dropped by Tung’s on his own last year (when we weren’t speaking) to get an extra one because he felt beleaguered by even-numbered-tattoos bad luck. So now he has three, and I have five. And in a month’s time he will have five and I will have seven!!


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