Shareware and Malamutes

I didn’t know a Microsoft Office suite is so expensive, and that it doesn’t come with Windows 7. What is this, Microsoft? No wonder we are all happy to migrate to Apple’s closed platform instead. From one closed system to another, what’s the difference? Downloading OpenOffice now because a colleague wants me to vet his model.. which I don’t think I/my system can handle via remote access. Shareware ftw!!!

Kira finally perked up today, makes me so happy even though I’m running all over her. She kept sleeping so much over the weekend, I actually Googled if puppies are supposed to sleep this much. Maybe it’s a growth spurt. Or maybe she’s a Malamute which I quote “are such couch potatoes when not outdoors that you won’t hardly notice them in your apartment” (hence they actually make decent apartment pets). Haha.


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