Just a quick note about apple cider vinegar. After five days of drinking and using it as toner, my skin has improved significantly – less oil, which i previously relied on roaccutane to handle, and scars have lightened!

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22 thoughts on “ACV

  1. myirandom says:

    hey babe, do you mix ACV with water or just apply it straight onto your face? Does it sting? I want to lighten my scarssss. 😦

    • amandina says:

      i mix equal parts. it sometimes stings (like when orange juice goes into a cut) but at random spots. i take it as a sign that its working? if it hurts try mixing a more diluted version? heard ACV does wonders for eczema too. gonna test on Sebs when he comes Haha!

  2. claire says:

    hey, technical question. are you still using roaccutane? How often are you using it and how long have you been on it? I’ve been using roaccutane too, low dose, for a long time now.. Tryna wean it off but it gives me baby skin!

  3. amandina says:

    yuhui> you can try… hahaha, i’m pretty sure it helps since it apparently works on dog skin problems and general human skin problems.

    claire> i’ve stopped. i used to get it illegally from this medicine shop in hk but then they keep closing down and i have to keep finding new suppliers. and finally i gave up. and i’m now on generic primrose oil (for good health and skin), and chinese medicine (for liver, and skin) and of course this ACV thing. so far it’s working fine. i was ‘addicted’ to roaccutane for a while because yes it gives you really great skin but once you go off it, your face becomes horrifyingly oily and you immediately rush to replenish. plus i want to have babies too in future, and i think roaccutane is well known for fucking up your womb. go holistic together! and let me know what works.. haha πŸ˜‰

  4. myirandom says:

    hey, just to share my 2 cents worth on roaccutane (isotretinon). It IS a prescriptive drug. Please, please find a dermatologist to prescribe this med to you instead of getting it yourself. There are hell lots of side effects and you kinda need to do blood test like once every 3 months (i dont know if they are cheating my money, but both a private derma and a doctor in Changi Hospital ran blood test on me). Secondly, there is actually a certain amount of dosage which you should take depending on your weight. So, for me, I have to take a 10 month course, 20mg/day. This is to help to reduce occurrence of breaking out again! And the effects of isotretinon stays in ur body for 6 months and will get flushed out of ur system after about 6 months, so I guess those effects on womb is not that permanent. No point scaring yourself, just go see a doctor! πŸ˜€

  5. claire says:

    myirandom! Yeah, i get my roaccutane from my dermatologist. I take one 20mg pill per week, or every 10 days, so it’s super low dose. ALTHOUGH, i have been on it for many many years. Your regimen is probably the standard regimen. My derm says he’s been prescribing it for 30 years now, on the same dose i am, and there are absolutely no side effects on pregnancy. So amanda, your worries are baseless! Get back on that roaccutane bandwagon! lol. But yeah, like what myirandom said, get it from a certified dermatologist! Btw, your skin looks fine what, how long have you been on it for? Sorry that this thread morphed into an acne helpline …

  6. amandina says:

    Haha if I can save money and find an equally or slightly less effective, but more holistic, way to fix my skin, I would.. I can’t be on this thing forever… (and explode into oily face when preggers, because I definitely would stop it – have heard too much about it) My dermatologist actually did a blood + pregnancy test before prescribing but for obvious reasons (like being in a different city) I am no longer able to get it the legit way….

    It’s OK.. my blog can be a helpline on anything..

  7. myirandom says:

    Awww, that’s very sweet! “My blog can be a helpline on anything”. Anyway, got side effects on birth deformities la!!! I got a pamphlet from my doctor! *gasp* But it’s okay to get pregnant after 6 months from your last consumption. Anyway, amanda, singapore’s public hospitals sell it cheaply – 1 buck/10mg pill. ANOTHER INCENTIVE TO COME BACK TO SINGAPORE and get Scarlette working again! :DD

  8. Natalie says:

    From a lurker:
    I got the organic one – Braggs! It’s meant to be the best…
    Skin has become over oily to dry in a matter of 6 days using it as toner, and skin is purging whiteheads! On and off I drink it when I feel I’ve gobbled heaps of junk… or use the vinegar as a salad dressing to make it a little more palatable πŸ™‚
    I’m actually enjoying the dry skin, will let my skin adjust for a while before deciding how much moisturizer to pile on! πŸ™‚
    best tip ever πŸ™‚

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