Cooking Mama

I’ve done more than my usual share of cooking this week: lots of pasta and rice. The pasta for myself, the rice for the dog because she’s having diarrhoea and bland food is the way to go.

I am getting better and better at cooking rice straight from the pot and the satisfaction I get from seeing her dig into her home cooked meal, ha ha, is immense. So kids, eat up when your mom cooks for you. Now I know how it feels. I would also like to cook for S, but not confident of my skills at all. At least the dog isn’t that picky.

To be honest I think her home cooked meal looks a lot better than kibble. I put rice, shredded boiled chicken, some fish oil (for fur), some powder (for teeth) that smells a lot like cheese, some powder that smells like kelp (don’t know for what) and another powder that smells like tangerine (also don’t know for what). Finally I smash the anti-diarrhoea pill, which I know she hates, and add it into the potion. I mix it all up and it lends up looking like bibimbap. Pity about the clashing tastes. Like I said, she isn’t that picky!

Home cooking has its perks, even if its for a canine. I get to scrap off the burnt rice at the bottom of the stove and eat it! Yummy.


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