Spatial freedom for my canine friend

BTW – SUCCESS!! After my DIY job on the lattice screen door, Kira now can no longer enter my bedroom without me being around. And even when I’m around, she knows it’s NOT GOOD to go up on the bed so she occasionally surreptitiously sneaks up instead. Too bad for her, I got sharp eyes.

Confident that this marks the beginning of spatial freedom for my canine friend, I closed her crate today and put it away, and gave her the biggest present of all.. MY LIVING ROOM! Did two experiments today; leaving her all alone at home for 2 hours, then 3 hours. Come home to be greeted by a calm dog wagging her tail and everything in perfect order. Not a single speck of pee or poo outside her pee pen. It is a nice feeling to know that I can trust her with her new freedom.

I wonder if she feels homeless now; she looks like she is occasionally trying to find her home. Now working very hard on getting her to STAY when I open the main door to leave the house.


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