Me and my buddy ♥

Success! I hauled Miss K to the vet and back with no mishaps, all by myself. Miss K is such an eye-catcher here in the land of dim sum, toy poodles and chihuahuas. Every time I take her out, people stop to say hello. And whenever we’re in the waiting room of the vet, all the aunties talk to me and Kira. (Observation: the ratio of female to male at the vet is almost always 4:1.) The most frequent comment we get is ‘what a big dog!’ (and when I am visibly struggling to carry her, ‘what a heavy dog!’

I am now working on my pet-proofing project: taping up the ends of a massive cardboard and trying to set it against my latticed bedroom door so Kira cannot stick her paws into a lattice and push it open. She is watching me curiously, I am feeling healthy and strong (after a good steak last night) and contented. What a difference my buddy has made; a lot more work, yes, but a lot more joy and a unparalleled feeling of ‘being home’. ♥


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