some weekends are for errands

Stark lack of time; I have accumulated a sprawling laundry list of errands to run this weekend:

1. Take Kira to the vet.

2. Buy pet supplies.

3. Buy human supplies (groceries).

4. Stick cardboard all over my door (it’s a specific technique used to keep Kira away from my bedroom).

5. Pet-proof the rest of my living room.

6. Find a way to dispose of the cage because Miss K has outgrown it.

7. Deposit money ASAP. I am carrying a mini fortune around in my turgid wallet with five currencies –SGD, USD, HKD, EUR and some petty Maldivian cash.

8. Pay bills.

9. Buy vacuum cleaner.

Thank God I managed to coerce my helper into coming this afternoon or I will be adding ‘clean house’ to the list. And cleaning house is a massive undertaking. I also need help to flip my mattress over because Kira dug (and chewed) a hole in my bed. It was an 2-hour experiment (to see if I can leave her alone in the house uncrated) gone completely wrong. My only consolation is that if I move back to Singapore, I will have one less item of furniture to ship back.


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