Govt matters

Thumbs up to the AFCD. They actually followed up on my complaint very closely, key conclusion is that I have no case here and wtmfporajaf – the penalty on pet shops is so laughably meagre, no wonder they continue selling sick dogs to the public! One dog sale = 6-12k, penalty for selling sick dog = 1k. Does not add up.

* Pet shop acquired Kira through legal means i.e. AFCD tracked down her breeder who is legitimate and licensed.

* Pet shop immunized her, as required by the law. AFCD also tracked down the exact vet who gave her the immunization shot and he is legit and licensed as well.

* AFCD can bring the pet shop to court but I need to prove that Kira was sick on the day I bought her (which I cannot since I didn’t take her to the vet on the first day) but I will only have recourse if she has one of the following 3 illnesses: parvo, distemper, hepatitis. Pneumonia is not covered.

If found guilty of selling sick dogs, an unregistered pet shop will be fined HKD2k, and a registered pet shop will be fined HKD1k. ACFD is working to get this penalty raised to HKD100k and HKD50k, respectively, next year. Good on them, although a bit too late.

Government works, folks. I am impressed with the speed, rigor and sensitivity the authorities brought while dealing with my case. One agent in particular was so sympathetic he went to investigate where else I can share my sob story with and gave me more numbers/agencies to call; other government bodies like consumer rights protection and veterinarian watchdog. He even assured me that AFCD will spring more surprise inspections on the pet shops in Mongkok. My faith in HK is 20% restored.


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