The Descendants

On the Zep: The Descendants OST. Because I don’t know where else to find ‘Hawaiian’ music.

Go out and meet some new guys, I sagely told a good girlfriend last night at Sevva. I am one to talk. I am spending 99% of my life at home, cleaning and playing with Kira.

In other news, dude – my girlfriends are abandoning me one after the other! Y is moving back this weekend, C may be going off to business school in June, and Q quit her job a month ago and has been globetrotting since then. 😦

Failed party counts – 4 nights in a row, and still counting. It’s a sign.

Popped out of home today to get cigarettes, angled my face towards the sun and my heart lifted, thinking of the glorious sun that awaits me in… 6 days! SPF 10 hello!

I’ve been sort of, vaguely, watching The Descendants since yesterday morning.. Watched the bulk of it while curling my hair before going out. Although somewhat time-consuming, it’s nice, I think, and it’s not like I was short of time anyway. Kira kept staring and was so quiet for once, which made me think she might like to have hers curled too.

Hawaiian music really is quite chill, I would love to go one day.


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