Tired. Kira kept me awake all night growing and barking at.. A ghost? On my couch? I tried everything to put her back to bed: I cuddled her, I fought with her (to tire her out), I hit her (when she bit me), I let her dig below my pillows for an imaginary bone, I threw my pillows on the floor to let her continue digging on the floor. I even got out of bed to shut the tap which was leaking, and turn off the PC completely (thinking that the eerie blue light was creeping her out) just in case these small things were annoying her. I even smoked, because nicotine relaxes me and maybe it would relax her too. By the time I finally put her to bed, it was like.. 3.30-4am? Has never happened before. Cross fingers it never will again!


2 thoughts on “tgif

  1. ashley says:

    heyee babe!

    my labrador had the same prob too when he first came home. Ultimately its because such big dogs need to be walked/ran to burn off all the energy in order for them to slp at night.

    without these activities, life is gona be hell for you dear. Try to walk him more or if not..like me..i had to get a maid just to walk him 3-4 times a day and now he is a gem!


  2. amandina says:

    yeah but kira can’t be walked yet until she gets her immunization jabs…. which were delayed due to her various illnesses! i have to make do with making her chase me around my apartment. ah yes, also burns off my energy so i sleep well at night.. haha. thanks!

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