a home full of estrogen :)

Life is funny. I’ve been running around trying to find a headhunter for S (got eight good leads to follow up on thanks to you friends and my dad) and strangely my headhunter calls me up to tell me of a new opportunity that has come up which ‘would fit you perfectly’. It does actually, except that it is in direct contradiction of my move-back-to-Singapore plan.

It’s really, really, really nice having my sister here in HK. She’s cooked dinner for us twice, and she’s great on her own and takes really good care of Kira when I’m at work. And when we feel like it, we boil some chicken breasts for Kira and feast on fruits at home with some good music on the Zep, or a movie on our Macs.

It’s a home full of estrogen. πŸ™‚

My little Kira is not so little now, I swear she has put on at least 2 kilos since she came home last Saturday. She’s a lot tougher looking, stronger, more robust.. and while I’m happy she’s inched further away from Heaven’t gates, I am quite troubled by how I’m going to haul her to the vet this weekend. She’s really heavy! And when she stands up, she goes past my waist. Little Kira’s going to be HUGE in no time!


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