I’ve always believed that any platform with people can change things. Several years ago, I started a little second-hand clothes reselling blog because I believe clothes should never be dumped unnecessarily (they only add to pollution). Occasionally, some of you drop me emails and I do remember. This morning, I referred a NY-based reader for a job opening in our NY office, because she impressed me so much with her go-getter spirit and enthusiasm.

Today I am appealing (don’t worry, not for donations): if any of you are in marketing, and based in Singapore, and know a good headhunter for the industry.. please drop me an email and a reference or contact at to.amandina@gmail.com. This is not a space I know well.. so any help at all, is appreciated.

We don’t always have to walk alone, to ask for help and to help is human nature.


3 thoughts on “Appeal

  1. amandina says:

    Thanks for emailing me guys 🙂 Got lots of good contacts through you! More brains are better than one; more networks are better than mine!

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