We had probably our first serious conversation about where to live yesterday at lunch over a very excellent ham and cheese sandwich. Side note: I have somehow rediscovered my rustic taste buds and suddenly ham and cheese sandwich beats foie gras in my books.

We each laid down our a key criterion:

1) From him: we both need to have good jobs. He was very adamant about this because otherwise it wouldn’t make sense, and wouldn’t be sustainable. To put it simply, he is not going to support me. This rules out any whimsical thought I had of going to Milan to study, in fact the idea of me moving over at all. Because it is highly unrealistic that I find a good job in a country whose language I don’t speak.

2) From me: far away from Chinese food and Chinese people. That rules out the entire China, and to a certain extent Hong Kong. To be honest, I’m tired of this polluted city. It has been fun, and it can be fun for another few years but settling here is an option I never really entertained. If I were making a discrete decision, with a discrete consequence, it wouldn’t matter how long I stay really. BUT if S is starting to contemplate moving here, I have to think twice. I cannot uproot a man from his career several times over, just because I miss him.

When we got down to it, we realised didn’t have much choices left in the English-speaking world: Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the States.

I vetoed the States, because I don’t like it very much and it’s way too far from home. We together absolutely vetoed Australia, NZ and Canada because.. well we would die of slowness. London is in crisis. So we’re back to HK and Singapore. Suddenly when I considered home again, I couldn’t really think of anything bad about it apart from the fact that it has this awful mono-weather, and can be boring.

But now that I’m three years older, boring could be good, I reasoned with myself.

And we can take vacations often to experience un-mono-weather every now and then, he added. And we are nearer to Thailand and Bali than HK is.

But will we have to eat with your family like every month? He worriedly asked.

I guess I can find a job back home more easily, I helpfully supplied.

And I guess I can focus on SEA markets instead of China, he returned.

And just like that, I am starting to put the wheels of consideration into action. He told me he won’t bother looking for something in HK anymore, just Singapore, but HK doesn’t inspire him.


2 thoughts on “back..home?

  1. davus says:

    that basket of countries is a crowded trade.

    loosen the criterion and check out brazil. UAE. switzerland. south africa. luxembourg. cayman.

  2. Come home! – it’s perfect for nursing your fledging relationship into a strong, albatross-y one without anyone having to starve (fledging cus LDR doesn’t count o_o)

    When love and money is good, all will be good.

    I see you guys in London for some odd reason.

    Fingers crossed for a post-olympic revival!


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