Attagirl, lover boy.

Did three hours of sleep last night because S and I were catching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which turned out to be unexpectedly long. The day passed in a largely-forgotten daze, in which I somehow managed to translate a presentation with no error – bravo to myself! Found enough energy to hop over to Kowloon to visit my little girl. Attagirl, our dear Kira was in fine spirits this evening, barking and pawing us from behind her cage. Doctor says that if she keeps this up, she will be home in 2-3 days. I can hardly wait. What an amazing tough cookie she is, I’m so proud, and immensely glad.

S left this evening, two days after he was originally supposed to (on Sunday). This weekender in HK was a spontaneous decision, and even though it clashed with my sister’s arrival and Kira’s hospitalization, it turned out to be really good, the kind of unbeatable good that comes without an agenda or plan. We must have been so terribly charming because the man himself threw sanity out of the window and intentionally missed his flight and got another on Tuesday evening instead, knowing he would get buttfucked by his company on Wednesday

But it gave us two more magical evenings together.

What is the logic in that? There is none. We love without reason and logic, and we work hard to afford the means to not have to conform to society all the time.  Most of the time, don’t worry, we are quite sane thank you very much.

I am so fortunate to have a man brave enough to love me despite all the hurdles; crazy enough to put me before reason on the odd occasion, strong enough to sift through my dramatics and hysterics to emerge as my rock, beautiful-inside enough to endear himself to my often-prickly sister, compassionate enough to make a speech of encouragement to Kira which ended with ‘aja aja fighting!’ Never letting go, if I can help it. Really looking forward to Maldives over Easter. 🙂


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