16 thoughts on “Help.

  1. xs says:

    huh… but u can buy all these expensive shoes, clothes etc but you need fundraising for ur puupy? dont make sense to me…

  2. amandina says:

    u think?

    only if you consider zara clothes expensive, i guess, and pet medical treatment conversely very cheap..

  3. Bz says:

    I agree with xs..as much as I hope that Kira will get well, u really aren’t the most deserving candidate to be asking for funds. I mean u have expensive bags and shoes and real fur vests and stay in high end hotels for vacations, I don’t see why people should “donate” money to u. I’ve been reading ur blog for some time, I think ure a real cool gal but this is just not right…u don’t mean it literally right?

  4. Bz says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging ur decisions on those purchases and vacations..I’m just saying it isn’t logical to me that u shld be asking for donations.

  5. amandina says:

    whether you think it’s a drain or not is your right to judge, definitely.

    i won’t say cliched things like ‘you don’t have a right to judge’, because dude everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    i personally think it’s a drain on my finances at 35,000 hkd and growing, and i think the person who stares at her bank account every day is best-positioned to make an assessment. but if you don’t agree, what can i do?

    do you want me to go on some campaign to prove to you how poor and pathetic i am? or do you think i’m preying on sympathy to get 500 bucks off each person?

    go ahead and criticise me for having the audacity to ask for some help if it means having to take on less debt. i have never been shy about asking for help because why fight a battle alone when you can accomplish so much more as a group? financial, moral, legal.. every little bit counts.

    i am too tired to argue. you’re probably right to view me with such suspicion. i don’t know to justify owning bags and staying in high-end hotels either.. other than the fact that i work my ass off, have a really nice bf, and don’t really spend that much on a daily basis. so just let me be while i pen a complaint to some department or newspaper or whatever. i’m just so angry and helpless and i want something done now.

    • xs says:

      When you purchased Kira, it came with such financial obligations. Let’s say you’re poor and adopted her, then maybe we’re more sympathetic. But if caring for her means having to take on some debt which you then take a few months to pay off, that’s, I think, your responsibility. You shouldn’t be so selfish as to say you don’t want to take on any debt for your pet because its hard on you. Everyone’s money is hard-earned, not only yours. So, take some responsibility here and take on the debt for your pet. I really do not think you are in a right position to be asking for other people’s hard-earned money while flaunting your (perceived) wealth on your own materialistic desires.

      • mei says:

        everyone is entitled to opinions, but perhaps you could be a teeny weeny bit more sensitive? as it is, she’s going through so much heartache and here you are giving her more.

        your argument is also fallacious. this was simply a matter of luck. puppies, whether adopted or bought are ALL susceptible to such illnesses. do you mean to say that if she had adopted kira, it would be ok to ask for a donation because she hadn’t expected to be spending say, $xxxxx on an ill puppy instead of just $xxx on a perfectly healthy puppy? regardless of whether the puppy was adopted or store bought, it was a conscious choice to take on an added responsibility which she was fully prepared to follow through to the end. how would it result in a difference in levels of sympathy if the puppy had been adopted, and not store bought? or better, if a poor(er) person had adopted a pet, and consequently faced the same problems she is facing now, would your sympathy levels be diminished simply because this poor person deserved it for taking on an extra responsibility when he/she couldn’t even take care of him/herself?

        if you were stuck in an exact same situation, would you have done the same as she is trying to do? i think it’s very admirable that she’s not backing down in the face of such adversity. even if you think she’s not deserving of your sympathy, fine, move on after saying your piece. but you’re seriously being quite rude here, given the frequency of your comments – one at 4.42am, and yet another at 12.54pm to continue to slam her. you don’t think it’s right of her to ask for help, yes we got it. now move on.

        or fine, you can also also continue your tirade. whatever.

        ❤ u amanda. 永远给支持你!

  6. a dog owner & dog lover says:

    hi Amanda, I hope dear Kira get well soon and come back to you a healthy and happy puppy. I have a puppy myself and although I do not know how it feels to have your darling furkid’s life hanging by a thread, I throughly understand the financial obligations that comes with a pet especially when visits to the vet are frequent and necessary. no matter how much you earn, having an ill pet, it is never enough as a vet consultation alone is costly enough. hope your other readers will not judge before they pass such a personal judgement when they themselves have not been through what you r gg through now. hope I am not being too much of a busy body here by putting my opinions down. hope pretty Kira gets well soon!

  7. hang in there kira! babe, you are one of the few giving person i have met, so ignore what others have to say. it must be hard to keep up with the vet expenses and it is worse when kira’s health condition is not certain. you have already done much more than what some pet owners may do. i know people who “return and exchange” their newly bought pet once they realized that the one they bought is ill. but you did your best to save her, you did not even consider bringing her back in exchange for a “better” one, you didn’t neglect your suspicion of the pet shop’s dubious vets (which probably cost nothing or much less than an animal hospital). You already went out of your the way (pocket, time, and effort) to save her and did something beyond what most will expect of a typical pet owner. I admire your tenacity! hang in there!

  8. xs says:

    to mei & Amanda: yup, i am in the EXACT same situation. My dog is a sick one, I bought him from a store. I have accumulated MANY medical bills. In fact, he is sick now in the hospital. So yes, to your question as to if I would have done the same as Amanda, I say yes. I’ve never thought of asking for donations because I feel like my pet is my responsibilty. Just saying my opinion, not trying to be mean at all. I am totally in the same situation as Amanda here but thought I would just say the other side of the story.

    • Mei says:

      Sorry to hear about that xs. Admittedly i may have been too harsh in my reply to you as well because it seemed like you were a flamer (long history with those) and i felt a need to speak up for the oft-bullied-by-anon-haters amanda.

      Hope your dog gets well soon!

  9. natyong says:

    Hey Amanda, hopefully your dog gets better. Sorry this has to happen; I remember how excited , lovesick and obsessive I was about Curry when he was just a wee pup. I would’ve been beyond heartbroken if he had been in a similar situation as baby K. I’ve always wanted a malamute! Kira’s gorgeous and it is such misfortune that you should have to deal with her poor health. I think pet shops treat their animals VERY poorly even here in Japan, they keep them in cardboard boxes behind so nobody can see them unless you surreptitiously peek inside LOL! I hope she gets better quickly!!!!!!!

    Anyway good thinking on getting help, you shouldn’t have to deal with this yourself. If people who are fully aware of your circumstance as a whole i.e friends who know you, read your blog, have a rough gauge on your spending habits decide to donate, then good for you and them! If not, it was still worth asking right? Case in point, presidential candidates ask for donations and sponsorship to fund their political campaigns even when they ( like GWBush and John Kerry ) already have large corporate empires built upon oil or food products. The Vatican has its priests chauffeured around in Benzes and yet parishers and worshippers tithe religiously. XS, obviously I am not by any stretch comparing Amanda to the Vatican or to US presidential candidates; I am merely illustrating that sometimes donations are not exclusively for the financially challenged. I think it is up to THOSE donators to judge if this is a worthwhile cause. If they don’t think so, they don’t have to donate and they definitely should refrain from being unnecessarily critical towards someone who is already quite dismal about the current state of her pet’s health.

    Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

    -Nat Yong

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