The ups and downs of Kira

So Kira tested negative for distemper, which is mild comfort because she’s exhibiting all the classic signs of distemper and the test is known to be rather inaccurate. But it beats testing positive at any rate. In line with my strategy to align myself as closely with the pet shop’s interests as possible, I have decided to move her back to the hospital she was treated at because the pet shop ‘trusts’ this doctor, loosely translated into: we have a private deal with this doctor. I guess I’m fine with it.. at least if she doesn’t make it, the pet shop will accept a medical explanation from this doctor, and I will have some kind of compensation/exchange recourse.

I had a small breakdown in the office today, because I was so convinced that she has distemper, and the vet gave me a dire 30% survival rate for distemper puppies and a 50% survival rate for non-distemper-but-with-pneumonia puppies (depending on diagnosis). Both rates are abysmal and I was seriously considering having to put her down if pursuing further intensive-care was going to cost my next month’s salary (and more) and meant prolonged suffering for my princess.

This little Kira of mine.. ever since I got her, she’s caused me so much grief, stress and lots and lots of money.. but also a tremendous amount of happiness in the short time we managed to hang out. I guess this is what people mean by money not being able to buy happiness or health. Life lessons through a little dog, I owe a part of my suddenly having to grow up in my mid-twenties to this 10kilo bag of pneumonic fur ball.

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