The test

I’m so tired, having woken up at 4.30am yesterday (earnings result) and 6.30am this morning (pre-market call). I worked my butt off throughout the day, had no time to go back at lunchtime to hang out with Kira and went home dead-tired to a dog determined to guilt trip me with her mournful eyes.

Compliance called just as I stepped into my home and suddenly I had to log into my workstation from home to follow-up on some silly matter. D knocked on my door (dangerous once someone knows the password to your main door and/or security guard recognizes person) and came in only to be greeted by a frantic analyst tapping on her PC in her smelly home, with her smelly dog. Not the most glamorous of sights, so I asked if he wanted to help me clean my floors.. Would be impressed if he did, but he went home ‘to pack’ instead. Oh wells,haha, I tried!

Went for dinner after, at this amazing claypot place that we discovered, on Spring Garden Lane in Wanchai. Friends and family, the next time you visit, I’ll take you! It’s really, really yummy –the type of yummy that leaves me scraping off every grain of rice from the pot.

I don’t know if Kira is still trying to guilt-trip me but today she seems quieter and less hungry than usual and my pet-owner instincts are up, sky-high. Taking her to the vet at lunchtime for check-up of her pneumonia.

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