That awkward moment when

…you realise no one notices or care you’re gone from a party,

I.e. that moment of realisation that you’re indeed getting too old to play drunk games or I-am-cooler-than-you-cos-my-friends-are-cool games. Once upon a time I could almost be considered part of the latter, but a year on, distance has forced me onto the sidelines which is not as fun a place to be.

Better to stay at home with your puppy who follows you with Puss in Boots eyes, chases her own tail and hops like a bunny on occasion.

I am now existing in Kira Zone – this timewarp zone that begins the moment you enter past my front door. Suddenly spending hours at home seem so palatable, and the hours fly. Not just time; suddenly you find your perception of what’s fun and not irrevocably altered. Waking up in the mornings and bouncing into action to spam the floor with detergent and pet disinfectant seem like the most exciting and natural thing to do. I am addicted to the high of entering my house and smelling nothing but disinfectant even though I have a big smelly puppy in the living room.

Mm, caught Sherlock Ep2 at AFSuperdry’s place last night after calling it quits at LKF.


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