Quiet time

Feeling like the proverbial cat that got the rat, sitting here in an apartment I love, the sensuous tones of Lana Del Rey falling around me. Content that everything I have, I worked for and paid for. My space and my Zeppelin are two things I will never regret because they make me so contented every time I go home. They make quiet time so palatable.

When i was dating A, I hardly spent time at home and hardly paid attention to it. But now I am back in my zone again and feeling pleased as punch. Never again will I shuffle to and fro a guy’s house again. I like feeling like King of the World in my apartment, so why won’t you come and play with me here? I may not have a TV or a Playstation, but if you like me, you’ll find me more entertaining than these devices.

Had a pleasant evening, went over to Hyde Park for dinner and caught the first episode of Sherlock Holmes with my friends, over home-cooked food. In two weeks, my little sister is coming on a one-way ticket to hang out with me before she goes to New York or Paris in summer to study pastry arts. I am so proud of my siblings, that they each found something they love to do, while their big sister hangs out in Sin City going around in circles.

Among the many things I’m looking forward to: having Kira back, hiking, painting, camping, going to Lamma Island, partying, having a really good caprese salad.


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