The rules of being

On a Sunday morning, thinking of my rules of being.

Flirt, not in a malicious manner, but in a way that greases your journey in life with good engine oil. If you can flash a smile to help things along, do it; if you can make a joke to break an awkward moment, do it. Always be nice, be kind but not bland. Make people you care about want to be with you, but always remember it doesn’t have to everyone on this earth. Undifferentiated niceness is a commodity, and creepy. Be self-deprecating, be aware and be smart. Try not to flake out on people that you care about and try not to be a difficult person. Be fussy about your personal aspirations, but not about situations and circumstances. Self-consciousness paralyses, put your fear of rejection aside – at your mid-twenties it’s high time you do. Listening to: Lana Del Rey


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