Kira, Vday

We got a video of Kira bouncing around and howling like a Malamute is supposed to. I uploaded it successfully on Facebook but WordPress is a bit iffy at the moment. Seriously, it’s the BEST Valentines’ Day gift I can ask for, also since I received nothing this year – it is by default the best Vday present this year.

What is my man friend doing! 😦 Silly me, I kept hoping for my receptionist to ring me up and say, you have flowers (like last year albeit they were from a different guy). I don’t place a lot of importance on Vday in general, but flowers would be nice.. *wistful*

To be fair though, I didn’t get him anything too, because I was too busy hanging out at my second home in HK = Mongkok East, where pet shops and vets lurk… I am SO happy to see the video because when I moved Kira from hospital 1 to hospital 2 on Friday night, she was so limp and lifeless, I was certain she was going to die. In fact, I was mentally mourning her already.

So receiving the video freally put a smile back on my face and I forwarded it to so many friends that my Whatsapp hung. So now, this begets the question: what the f* was hospital 1 doing? Kira looked a lot worse when she came out, compared to when I put her in, and it seems hospital 2 is being a lot more effective. Was hospital 1 \making her sicker so they could extort more money out of me? HKD3k a night in isolation ward is a really nice sum to extort from frantic pet owners..

Hmm… You know, I’ve always been on friendly terms with this city, but this pet shop/vet experience is starting to make me dislike HK. Already I have several issues: the pollution, the Chinese food, the gargantuan population of mainlanders.. But if I have to add “people I can’t trust” to the list, then what’s the point? It’s like throwing yourself into a maneating jungle, willingly. Yes I know it’s supposed to make you strong, but damnit I am already strong, don’t need such combat training anymore.

Definitely something to mull over because it seems I have to start home-hunting soon, not in a narrowly-defined district like Wanchai or Pok Pu Lam, but in Asia or Europe, you know.. somewhere.


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