A humbled me

Humbled, by circumstances (Kira being sick), human nature (pet shops and vets I can’t decide whether to trust), friendship (my friends who stayed up until 2am on Saturday morning helping me move Kira from one hospital to another), and live (being alive after thinking I was going to die).

I went to visit Kira at the hospital on Friday night. Actually I couldn’t visit her because she was in the isolation ward, but I could visit the computer and see her via webcam. A friend came along with me. Suddenly there was a blackout which immediately made me concerned for all the animals on life support – if there is such a thing. Then we smelt smoke. Then we tried opening the door (we were in the visiting area) but the glass door was power-controlled and there was no power. So we, along with about 10 other people, were trapped inside, smelling smoke get stronger, and watching people run past us along the corridor to get out of the hospital. People tried to help us open the door, but weren’t able to. I was really quite terrified, I thought I was going to die in a fire while visiting my dog who was going to die. In the end some person came to physically yank the door open, don’t know how, and we managed to get out. And there was no fire, although the power box caught fire – and that could have easily turned into a fire.

On Kira, we finally managed to reach an agreement with the pet shop at midnight on Fri/Sat. They gave us two options: 1) get a full refund, and surrender Kira back to them immediately; and 2) move Kira to a hospital they trust and they will cover her medical expenses. If Kira should not make it, I’ll get another puppy. There are flaws in both options, but the first wasn’t considerable at all – it implies, plainly, that Kira was mostly likely going to put to sleep. So I went along with option 2, even though I don’t know what kind of care Kira is going to get at this other hospital, but at least I gave her a chance. I couldn’t afford to keep her at Peace Avenue, because her first two nights set me back almost 5k, and it just isn’t economically rational to continue shouldering the burden, when I’ve only had her for two days – and her being sick is really not my fault. With this, I feel I’ve given 200% effort in helping her as much as I can and I’m taking a backseat now, and will leave Kira to God’s hands, and the vet, and the pet shop who is one handling it all. If she comes home, I will be extremely happy. I hope she comes home to me, and my sister can come over and visit and play with her. In the two days I had her, she was an absolute darling.

I sincerely thank everyone who’s been helping me: from looking at puppies, to buying Kira and helping me lug home 3 months worth of dog food, to bringing her back to the hospital, visiting her every night at Mongkok, arguing with the pet shop, negotiating with the pet shop, listening to me. Even my family back in Singapore and S in Milan are a 100% with me on this. I’ve been terribly down these last few days, and I tear sometimes out of frustration and helplessness. But thank you everyone who’ve helped in some way or other. I pray Kira gets better..

On a less depressing note, I went painting today to cheer myself up, and produced this:

And also, I think I inadvertently went on a date yesterday because I met a new friend for coffee, which turned into going to Kowloon to collect Kira’s Xrays and medical history for the new vet, which turned into dinner, which turned into mouse shopping (computer mice), and almost turned into drinks and/or supper. When he mentioned tattoos (check), wanting to get a motorbike in HK (check), loving bummy beach holidays (check) and liking passionate relationships (check check check), in my mind I went..”hmm interesting!”


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