Pet shops in HK


In short, I hate pet shops in HK, they are unscrupulous.

Kira is in the hospital.. and I am sitting at home reading up on kennel cough/pneumonia/distemper. And praying madly that she doesn’t die.

It has come to this: trying hard to think positively, and scheming revenge on the pet shop. If I am not happy, I am going to bring 15 men to the pet shop with me on Sunday. Ideally they would be menacing looking, but the banker crowd is quite soft.

In the meantime I just left 6k at the most expensive vet in town.

I have a story to tell, but I’ve been telling it to two vets, my good friend Chye and Sebs (via email). So I’m too tired to say it again. BUT I need to share this with all of you because awareness is always good. And the least that this incident can do, is to create a bit more awareness. So I’ll copy/paste my email, it isn’t mushy don’t worry.


Hi sweetheart

Thank you for the email….

I’m sad now, reading everything about kennel cough/pneumonia/distemper because it’s the only I can do now apart from wait. I’m really terrified.. The doctor says she will be in the hospital for around a week, and I can’t wait for her to come home happy and healthy. She’s now in an isolation ward so no visiting allowed (although we can web-cam with her.) And the vet will call me at 9-10am every morning to give me an update. I feel better, knowing that she’s in professional care, and the doctors are all white so I understand them.

Now I seriously don’t trust people. I got her at the pet shop and when she started coughing, I called them up immediately and they said bring her back and they’ll take her to her vet. Turns out its an ‘in-house’ vet whom I never saw.. and now I suspect the in-house vet is fake. Then the pet shop said that they want to keep her for observation there, because they’re more experienced. Which I agreed to, because I have less experience after all.

I’ve been visiting Kira every night since Tuesday, all the way in Kowloon, and every time I was there the pet shop people told me she’s fine and there’s nothing serious. Tonight though, she seemed worse and when I held her in my arms, I could feel that her breathing was labored. I asked to see the medicine they’ve been giving her. Guess what they’ve been feeding her? Common cough syrup for humans. Then the pet shop said maybe it’s a good thing to let her stay in the shop until her 2nd jab, which is scheduled for Feb 27. Immediately I got suspicious… Does it mean Kira is actually pretty sick? But they kept saying she’s fine (just a common cold).

Turns out she got a pretty serious pneumonia. What I don’t understand is why don’t they just tell me? According to the vet, she contracted kennel cough at the shop, which probably developed into something worse. What was the pet shop expecting to do? Keep her until she dies? And give me another free dog? (Free dog if you puppy dies within 30 days of purchase is the standard practice here.)

I suspect they don’t want me to go the vet because then I will find out that she contracted these diseases from the pet shop. And probably all the other puppies there are ill too. I heard some coughing too so there are going to be several potential pet owners in HK facing the same problem I am facing now And this is pretty common in HK, apparently.

I hate HK! How can people be unscrupulous? Now I even don’t trust vets because I don’t want Kira to get another disease so I chose the most expensive hospital and examined all the wards myself before turning Kira over.

Seriously sweetie.. who can I trust? Registered pet shops, or unregistered breeders? How can I know? I feel like I did something wrong, but the vet kept telling me not to blame myself. But I still do… In the two short days Kira was with me, she stole my heart and turning her over to pet shops and vets made me so sad, I cried. I had to turn away because I don’t want her to sense my pessimism. What’s worse, I’m afraid that she thinks me and YY abandoned her….

Sorry this is such a depressing email.. I me just wanted to share with you my thoughts today.. I am really happy that my leave got approved and my flights booked.. and for better or worse , I’m going to be seeing you in seven weeks 🙂  I love you, wish you were by my side, being angry with me, swearing to find justice in this stupid world, holding me.. pray for Kira and soon I will send you pictures of Kira healthy and big 🙂

I love you,


Just in case you were wondering, the pet shop is called Queen’s, and is located on Victory Avenue in Kowloon. They sell a lot of Malamutes, Chows and English Sheepdogs.


7 thoughts on “Pet shops in HK

  1. Oh no. I hope Kira is fine! I know this happens a lot in shanghai when i’m there and the condition is bad too. But now that Kira is in good hands, I’m sure she is going to do well and on her road to recovery! 🙂

  2. MT says:

    Will certainly pray for Kira to get speedy recovery soon! I have never been a fan of Hong Kong! Been there last year, to my horror i found the people there really crude! They seems to have a major attitude problem. IMO!

  3. animalactivist says:

    Honestly, I would encourage adoption of all animals & would not recommend any buying of pets through pet shops/puppy mills/breeding farms. If I had a say I would close of all them down in a second!!! But I guess alot of people are still unaware of the living conditions of these breeding farms, pet shops. I don’t mean to ‘add salt to the wound’ but Is Kira a pedigree? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7569064.stm In the meantime, fingers crossed. Really hope she gets well soon.

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