On the way to check out my cough

My fluffy companion is going to spend three days at the vet. I miss her so much, but it is for her own good. She developed a cough last night and paranoid moms we were, YY and I rushed her to the vet all the way in Kowloon during lunchtime.

I am being paranoid for a good reason; I once had an adorable rottweiler puppy who died a week after we took him home. He died from a ‘common puppy illness’ of which the only symptom was diarrhea. So a cough could be anything, and I’m just playing it ultra safe. It could be due to residual cigarette in my home, or dust I cannot see, or maybe it’s simply too old for her. I don’t know! I just know I feel like I fucked up, and I’m glad she was diagnosed as OK and she seemed well when we went to visit her after work.

I know I’m spamming my FB and blog with her pictures.. like a momzilla, but.. I can’t resist it! She’s just so cute and photogenic.. I solemnly swear never to make fun of mums who post pictures of their babies 24/7. Solemnly swear..

I am now going to limit any form of smoking in my house, and all visitors MUST – in addition to making donations of tissue paper/wet wipes/newspapers – sanitize their hands before touching Kira, and right now – I am about to embark on a massive disinfecting spree of the house.

** Picture taken with my new Samsung Galaxy Note!! ^^ A phone so big, ALL THE BETTER TO SEE YOU WITH!! Muahaha. Although I feel very stupid holding it to my ear to answer a call… **


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