Such a sweetheart

My Kira is like a dog genius; she practically toilet-trained herself! All we did was give her a cardboard box which looks a bit like a toilet, and she’s been visiting it ever since to pee/poo, with few accidents in between. Just gotta keep her off the couch cos she already peed there once.

She’s 18 pounds now, and will grow to 100 pounds if I don’t exercise her; 120 pounds if I do. I’ve always loved big dogs and Kira has the temperament of a very sweet bear. She’s also quite a vain girl; likes to lie in front of the reflective surface of my oven and watch herself. Really, really amazing to just sit on my couch and watch her amuse herself and myself.

I’ve got friends lining up to petsit her already… such a sweetheart she is!


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