Meet my new dog…

Name ideas so far: Kira, Shila, Sasha, Maya…. help!


10 thoughts on “Meet my new dog…

  1. Chelsea Lee says:

    Hey Amanda, glad you decided on getting a furry companion. I’m sure it is going to be joyful and fulfilling experience. I have a corgi boy so perhaps we can take them to the dog park (cyberport or shun tak highly recommended) sometime soon!

  2. amandina says:

    haha yay i was going to ask you the next time i run into you how u manage with a dog in hk! but she won my heart too soon….. she can only hang out after her jabs so… definitely will! 🙂

  3. Chelsea Lee says:

    That will be a long list of things-to-do here in Hong Kong but will definitely give you some good recommendation next time i see you, like the dog hotels, grooming outlets, pet shops, dog parks and dog cafes etc. Meanwhile, just enjoy the puppyhood and take more pictures of your new baby cos they grow up really fast!!!

  4. amandina says:

    she is.. she’s an alaskan malamute so she will be HUGE… but i think my apartment is ok for her and i have to walk her for an hour everyday. actually run. i will be very fit.

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