mmhmm. just another day queuing up for hanarum

They say if you have more pictures, it means you have a life.

My sister and her friends have this app called Path which they ‘turn on’ when they wake up, and ‘turn off’ when they sleep so their friends on Path know exactly when they wake up and sleep. Like a Tamagotchi? I asked. They gave me this blank look which said it all: OMG what is this aunty talking about???

So anyway, this Path thing.. you go around taking LOTS and LOTS of pictures and you upload them like a rolling image-based blog/Facebook/Twitter feed. Which means if you’re an iPhone user (like my sister), you have to carry around a portable charger to charge your phone 3x day so you won’t miss your next pork chop rice meal As Seen On (Your Smartphone) Screen!

It’s a scream.

Memorable moment: my sister and her friend scrambling around my apartment looking for something arty farty to take a picture of so that their Instagram/Path/Facebook feeds will look gorgeous. I told them to take the masquerade masks that S and I got at New Year’s. Here’s mine.. haha.

It also means you become highly adept at lomo-izing your pictures with one (or several) of the 20 image editing apps sitting in your phone. The creative process involved is stunning. If I were 10 years younger, I will definitely be a Path-er. But because I am old and equipped with only dysfunctional phones, I am ostracized. Because this Path thing is only for real smart phone users; I went to the website hoping to be able to see my sister’s feeds, signed up and they told me to ‘download the mobile app for iPhone or Android’. Hello, my phone cannot handle such sophistication.

OK, wait for my big ass Note to arrive, I will out-Path you kids! Failing which (in the event I can’t find any similarly-aged friends on Path), I will just upload a lot of pictures on my blog.


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