The World is a Distant Place

Have you ever pondered the distance that separates you from another? It’s not just sheer distance, although that alone is also profoundly limiting. It’s the rarity of direct flight connections. It’s hard enough to fly 13 hours to another city; imagine taking 2, 3 international flights, then a domestic transfer, then a train ride, or rickety bus ride into pockets of this world forgotten by airport developers.

In theory (of globalization), one should be able to draw a line between 2 major cities and find it dotted with accessible places. Even somewhere as commonplace as the Maldives necessitates a stopover in Dubai, from Hong Kong. And Hong Kong, which has thousands and thousands of Nepalese overseas workers, has only a single direct flight to Kathmandu a week. Astonishing.


7 thoughts on “The World is a Distant Place

  1. amandina says:

    i have to like password lock everything because my mom fears that my reputation would suffer if i keep blogging openly about my sad, and ever-changing, love life….

  2. claire says:

    hey, can i have you password as well!? I’m a loyal reader and i draw inspirations from your gossip-girl-like tumultuous love life! it’s super exciting 🙂

  3. claire says:

    ok nvm got it! i’m soooo happy that you chose love over everything else. don’t let it go. you know deep down inside that nothing beats the feeling of being with S. :))

  4. Sheena says:

    hello there, you write beautifully. Can i have the password to your entries too? hv been a reader for about a year now and like everyone else, i just want to keep reading!

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