The taxi driver took me past Beijing’s winter-bald outskirts, through Wang Fu Jing, Tiananmen Square and the Heavenly Temple, past government agencies and the central bank, to my hotel in the Financial district. I mentioned how much I would love to bring a friend here, and he suggested that in future, I walk along the peripherals of Beijing’s old iinner city walls, bounded by towers and gates that still stand today. May is most beautiful, because the flowers are in bloom, and the weather is perfect, the way it is at the tail-end of spring.

Beijing is really beautiful, and I like it so much better than Shanghai, because it’s not just pomp and glitter, but carries its own historical and cultural weight. The purist I am, I especially love the way Beijing natives speak, clear and well-modulated. I wonder how much my old neighborhood has changed, but I doubt I will be venturing past the second ring of Beijing on this trip.

Dinner is at seven, so I have a couple of half-hours to kill. It’s zero degrees outside, so I think I will stay within the hotel’s heated confines.. I have more to talk about; well-accumulated from the past fortnight so I suppose I will catch up in time, as the exciting parts of my life dwindle down to the grind.


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