The (good) end is in sight!

I ended up staying four hours. I got my nails, feet, crotch, armpits, face, eyebrows and upper lip done. It is remarkably expensive and painful to be a woman.

I can’t wait to go home! Although I anticipate a lot of airport shuttling; my travel schedule for the next two weeks looks like this: HK-SG 23, SG-Krabi 24, Krabi-SG 27, SG-HK 28, HK-Phuket 30, Phuket-HK 3, HK-BJ 4, BJ-HK 6.

My helper is coming tomorrow before she goes back home for 2 weeks so I’m busy clearing my exploding wardrobe of old clothes for her to take home. I wonder if she would want my Halloween costume…

Remind me to call Cathay tomorrow to bug them to put me on a 22 PM flight home!

Bebel Gilberto on the Zep now… 🙂


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