It’s the last work Monday of 2011 and there are just only about a trillion other places and things I’d like to be doing, instead of sitting here. Just only; things could have been a lot worse.

I had a good weekend. Attended a birthday thing where the birthday kid thought he was in a Welcome to St Tropez music video, spraying champagne all over. In theory it sounds very glamorous. In reality, there were just a lot of drenched people in the club.

Had some crab on Sautrday in TST which was really good, though expensive. Three massive Alaskan king crabs fed ten people and left everyone stuffed and completely crabbed out. We started with crab sashimi, then had some grilled crab claws, then crab shabu shabu, then crab congee… all from the same three crabs. It was insane. Each crab cost HKD3k. If I were a fisherman, I’d totally specialize in Alaskan king crabs. Sell three crabs can buy one handbag, think about it!

Sunday was completely overshopping at Superdry. We bought each other massive winter jackets with triple zips and double hoods and a really bad-ass military look, and couldn’t resist adding a few ‘this-and-that’s along the way. I ended up with three Superdry jackets, and it isn’t even that cold in HK yet.

Anyway, have a good week! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Weekend—

    • amandina says:

      I like it. I don’t really find it so… There are a couple of bad eggs here and there but so does every city! It can be superficial and hectic though. And now I feel home (sg) is super relaxing and everyone is so nice and unhurried. Quite funny lol.

  1. davus says:

    i don’t know about you. but dudes prancing around with sparklers, appear to have less ball than they think they do…

    such images are more suitable for Katy Perry’s MVs rather than Pitbull’s.

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