And on the fifth day to Christmas…

I just had dinner with a girlfriend (repeat: super love girlfriends!) although the food leaves much to be desired. La Marmite = no go. I can’t decide if I simply just don’t like French food since I can’t seem to find a restaurant that agrees with me. I concede one thing though: they do good bread.I love bread.

Girlfriend asked how I can be so cruel as to buy fur. I told her I got cheated, because when I asked what fur it was, I heard the shopkeeper say ‘faux fur’ and I was like OK.. so I tried some. Then I spied a gleaming fur vest in a corner, and tried that instead. Asked what it was, and she said ‘woofer’ which I put down to some Hongky-English I didn’t quite get. Swear to god, didn’t expect real fur to be lying around in that shop since only ‘faux fur’ was displayed in the front. Tried the ‘woofer’ and ooh! ~~~ warm!

In due time, found out ‘faux fur’ was ‘fox fur’, and ‘woofer’ was ‘wolf fur’… wrestled a bit with my moral conscience. And lost.

Btw, anyone read about the “Mink Revolution” in Russia today on WSJ? Interesting. More interesting than watching a rolly polly successor on Bloomberg TV. If I had all that money, I would get a dietician.

In other news, my samples have arrived from the factory and I’m going to webcam with my partner later… super excited!


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