Pining for my youth on a December night

My darling dad wrote to me yesterday, asking if he should buy the euro (presumably store them under the bed and wait for it to appreciate). I asked if he thinks it will rebound back to Eur1/Sgd2 levels in the near term. And pointed out that unless i were a ST spread better perma-stuck in front of the screens, I would wait for a more convincing fundamentals-driven rally (i.e. emphatically not now). After all the Eur has  been broadly flat since July 2010; that’s a long time at these levels.

S told me some people in Europe think the Eur is dead. Amazing. Five years ago, the Eur near-killed me when I was shopping at H&M, and my dad when he received the bills for my ’emergency credit card use’.

Whenever the weather turns cool and pollution fades beneath the sharp crisp air, I am reminded of Milan in early spring. The smell in the air, of youth and promises and possibilities; of no worries, of great love, of blue skies and sunshine falling upon smooth foreheads, unencumbered by fatigue or adultness..

I miss those days.

We shared a great deal when we were young and free, changed so much throughout the years, yet still find so much to share five years down. How does one compete with that? Sigh.

Yup, emo post.


2 thoughts on “Pining for my youth on a December night

  1. davus says:

    The euro killed many research guys too. Misplaced belief and totally wrong calls got them fired.

    Just kill the euro and bring back the lira, franc, Deutsche mark, guilder, schilling etc. Think its more fun having to carry many different types of banknotes while shopping… ditch the credit card.

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