A whole bunch of crap to talk about, but pay attention to the last 2 paragraphs

Yes it is finally Friday night, and I am chilling very nicely at home.

My helper came by this week so it’s clean. Which beats last weekend when I was grossly unprepared for n unexpected visit from five stumbling post-party party animals. For some reason they thought swinging by after a night out at LKF was a good idea. I have a feeling after they came by and found absolutely nothing in my home, not even water, they didn’t think it was such a good idea after all.

I promise my housewarming, if I ever do one, will be a lot better.

So I accomplished much: I shaved my legs, I oiled my body, I squeezed our three pimples on my left cheek that has been bugging me, and I put on a purifying mask.

Weather in HK exploded mad this week; it was 25 on Wednesday, 19 on Thursday and today it dipped to 13, which is not fun when you’re sleepwalking home in the morning.

I had Italian for lunch today with Orchard, it was really nice. Have I ever mentioned how miffed I am that the last two guys I’ve dated refuse, absolutely refuse, to have Italian with me? S says it’s retarded for him to eat Italian outside of Italy, which I guess makes sense. A plain doesn’t like Italian food (the horror); the one and only time he acquiesced was on my birthday, which is a good seven months ago FYI.

I have institutionalized a rule among my girlfriends: NO CHINESE FOOD.

If you need to know, I don’t like Chinese food because 1) they make your breath stink, 2) they are usually oily, 3) you tend to over-order and over-eat, 4) I hate how they cook everything so flavorfully that I can’t tell pork from fish, 5) I hate it when meat is chopped into tiny pieces.


I’m blabbing I know.

It comes with luxury of time.

In other news, I’ve decided to put my heart back into the right place, i.e. The Scarlette. My project for  2010-11 was being a career-minded awesome analyst whose boss can’t live without. My project for 2011-12 is being a normal analyst with an awesome hobby.

In with the new, out with the old. Many things have changed since we let The Scarlette go unattended. But when I’m back at the helm, I want progress, and I want everyone to fall in love with us again. We’re starting to talk to manufacturers again, getting our heads back into designing. But we need cash flow too, so my plan is to fire-sale everything we did in the past, and get some cash in.

Do support then! And don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have some amazing contacts for manufacturers, website designers, designers, anything! I’ve decided that instead of a new Max Mara coat this Christmas, I’ll buy a website instead. Talked to some people and they quoted me anywhere from HKD 70-250k. Shell-shocked.  I knew I should have totally studied HTML instead of DCF.


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