I added a yardbird

Am at home, because I have a web conference to attend at 10am, which cannot be accessed from my workstation. Sometimes I feel technology conspires to backfire, particularly the more advanced it gets.

Just updated my Places page with Yardbird. Apart from the good food (try the quail and chicken neck yakitori) and amazing atmosphere, I love the name. Then again, I do love birds in general, so much so that I went to get (more than) a couple inked on my body.

It’s midweek.. A thinks I’m emo because I hate my job.

“Did you ever think you would be a research analyst?”, he asked.

“You mean like when I was young?”


“No, hardly. I didn’t even think I would be working in finance.” (After a few moments of thought.) “But I don’t hate what I do. I love writing, and this is the world’s best paying writing job, except unless maybe I were the editor of Tatler or NYT.”

“I don’t even think editors make that much.”

“You think? Well yeah, I like the money.”

“I guess you got real.”

If you ask me, what really eats at me, is being unable to communicate at my best potential. It eats at me that I have so much to say in English, but because I cover Chinese corporates, in a Chinese working environment, with Chinese colleagues and Chinese clients, I have to speak Chinese, in which I can only convey 5% of what I normally would like to say.

And those who know me, you know I like to talk, a lot.


6 thoughts on “I added a yardbird

  1. davus says:

    i like to copy and paste newswire headlines faster than anyone else on the chat.
    i like to forward loads of research and other useless spam to clients everyday when I don’t even read any of them.
    i like to take ideas out of context, be it colleagues’ research, traders’ anecdotes, or idle pantry banter to fit my arguments.
    i like to talk in circles around big picture themes that sound relevant and smart but otherwise useless to the audience.
    i like to take one week to write a 100 page report which would likely become irrelevant in two trading days.
    i like to share trade ideas for the sake of sharing, even if I feel that some of them will pancake instantly on clients.

    i also like to copy and paste newswire headlines faster than anyone else on the chat.

    of course this is not my childhood ambition, but like many others, I sold out anyway!

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