I’m (ok, my friend is) working on a dotcom for my blog! And my friend’s brother is going to host it on his server! I’m excited! Me need new project to avoid thinking too much, and getting stress-induced pimples..

Mei and I are also going to get our asses off Lazy Podium and re-boot The Scarlette.. because after reading all your comments we realized that we really did some awesome fans! Also, I need some hot new dresses for 2012.


7 thoughts on “P.S.

  1. hi there! just want to let you know that the dresses that you’re selling @ The Scarlette are fab!! in fact, i find them to go very well with the shoes i’m currently selling online. just thought of sharing it with you.
    if there’s any way we could get your models/friends to wear them for your shoot, let me know 🙂 thanks!

  2. sarah says:

    hello manda, how i get to read ur protected posts? i’ve confirmed subscription to amandina posts but they dnt provide password in the emails sent out. or am i missing something?

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