privatized, for real

turning my blog private – leave comment with real email address if you want to continue reading, thanks!


100 thoughts on “privatized, for real

  1. Fidelia says:

    amanda, been enjoying yr reads for a while. sorry for not saying hello until now. you write so well. I wld like to continue following your posts. 😉

  2. Melissa says:

    Another faithful reader here too! Have always loved your writing style

    Seems like this has made all the ‘shy’ readers finally break their silence (:

  3. Q says:

    a fan of both the blog and The Scarlette! i commented once before, hmm forgot the name i provided back then. oh wells, me harmless reader, add me please!

  4. Tellulah says:

    Hi Amanda, I’ve been reading your wordpress for about a year now and I’d just like to say that as a student, frankly, your words inspire me to be so much more and your wordpress has somewhat been a source of motivation for me during my examinations 🙂 Cheers and have a pleasant day ahead!

  5. Hi Amanda,

    I’ve been reading your website for almost 2 years now! am in NY and it kinda connects me back to SG / asia and also extremely inspiring! I would be so sad if you password protected the whole site! add me pls 😉

  6. Woohoo! says:

    I want in too please! Yours is one of those Singaporean blogs with good English and grammar, but without a pretentious facade! 👍

  7. stella ding says:

    Dear Amanda, i stumbled upon your blog via some ettusais adv afew years back, and have been your loyal reader ever since. Do add me please!

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