Were you doing something halfway?

So my dad’s in Incredible India (he emailed me to say so, in those exact terms), my brother’s back in SG, my sister’s still stuck making pastries at Antoinette (thank her silently if you’re ever there), and my mom’s still in Canada. And I’m still in HK, with only 52 days (7 weeks!) left to the end of the year, scheming what to do with the A at the end of the year.

He has made a remarkable turnaround from his initial obstinacy with regards to going on vacation with me. While talking to his friend cum colleague on Saturday, I accidentally (or not) aired some vacation-related grievances. He must now be getting some vacation pressure at work too, LOL.

Regardless of where we end up going, I think it will be really fun to hang out with him back home, since he has been away for so long that his only recollection of hanging out in Singapore = hanging out at hawker centers. He must have had quite a different childhood; in our five-year generation gap, hawker centers must have gone out of fashion.

We had a fun evening yesterday. We went to a cha chan teng (but better than a cha chan teng) place at Wanchai, called Blue House, for dinner and it was surprisingly yummy. We also conducted a mini ghost tour of sorts, via Wikipedia, because we passed by a senior citizens Halloween tour of Wanchai. They were pointing at this old, creepy building on Ship Street, which Wikipedia confirms is one of the most haunted houses in HK. It is just three blocks away from my place. And across the road from A’s place.

After daring each other to visit the old creepy house (neither of us dared), we went to the supermarket and bought a huge pineapple. If you recall, A loves to cut fruits, and I gladly let him do it since it appears to be his one true way of showing affection to me. He can chop all the fruits in the world if that’s what it takes for him to fully express himself. Anyway, something funny to end this post.

Last week:
A: Were you doing something halfway?
Me: No, why?
A: Because the contact lens case is not properly capped, and the toothpaste cap is lying there.
Me: ……….

Last night:
A: Were you doing something halfway?
Me: No, why?
A: Because the contact lens case is not properly capped again
Me: Yes, I am halfway in between being awake and sleeping. Do you have a problem with that?
A: Ohhh… no, no.


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