Oh hola

So A’s birthday came and went, and I’m such an awful girlfriend! All I did was bring him to a steak place (which gave him a tummy ache after) and I’m so ashamed of myself for not doing something extravagantly retarded. Like appear at his house with a box of cupcakes and balloons in hand. That’s just really not my type of thing.. although I really wish it were!? I need to be cute, like a Taiwanese! Need.to.be.cute.

So to make up for my un-sweetness and un-cuteness, I shall go buy him something extravagantly luxurious instead. Yes, this weekend I will do just that. He left town today for a wedding in KL and I have a weekend of girliness to look forward to.

Not exaggerating.

Tomorrow I will go do something to my hair, not quite sure what yet. Then I will go for art jamming with my lady boss and two other female colleagues. (Do not say anything.) Then I will go manicure my nails, it’s about time. Then I will meet up with Shanci and some other girl I don’t know for dinner at a well-known Teochew restaurant that I haven’t heard of. Then I will have drinks at night, and that’s when maybe I will finally meet a creature of the other gender.

Not in an amorous way. A told me to be good before he left. I wonder why he had to explicitly tell me that. Do I look not good!?

Worked late today, I work late whenever A has some socialite-y event to attend, like play poker at the American Club, or eat somewhere fancy for someone’s birthday. Why do I feel like I got the short end of all careers possible in this world? Analysts don’t dress up because they’re supposed to look disheveled and eccentric – like a brilliant person. Even better if you stink slightly because you were working too hard to take a shower. We roll out in crumpled clothes beside immaculately-groomed salespeople. It’s just part of the hierarchy.

On more unglamorous things in my life, I am being dispatched again to China this Monday for work. I hate Shenzhen. 😦 And I’ve done a lot of traveling in just three weeks. (Can you believe I’ve only been working at my new place for three weeks!?)

Right, so let me continue my girly tale. So on Sunday, I have brunch with a girlfriend that I haven’t really gotten to know in HK. But because a mutual friend mentioned her at drinks last weekend, I thought I’ll send a buzz out and so we’re meeting up, like people on a blind date. Making friends is tough this way, but she’s so nice – always sending smileys my way. After brunch I have a facial, a very long-awaited one.

And I guess somewhere in between all of that, I have to finish my report. \m/

I apologize for this extremely uninspiring blog post, you have to understand I typed this very quickly, at the end of a long day which culminated in regulations swimming in front of me.


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