I just churned out eight notes in two days and I am beyond exhausted. I write the first two on the car in between meetings on my Blackberry (thumbs hurt so much, but thank God Shanghai is big and places are far to get to0, the third at the airport and the fourth on the plane while waiting to take off (thank God the flight was delayed). I wrote the fifth in my room (thank God the meetings in Beijing were all held in the hotel), the sixth-and-the-half before I ran out to conduct channel checks, the second sixth-and-a-half while waiting for meetings to begin,  and the seventh and eighth after an extremely drawn-out dinner where everyone exchanged business cards  like Uno cards.

The good thing? My boss approved all my notes which means zero re-editting, and puts a ‘Thanks!’ behind every approval. Exclamation marks do wonders for the lagging morale.

The bad thing? I  have to leave for my flight in 4 hours. I was supposed to be back in HK today but I had to stay for dinner.


4 thoughts on “O_oooo

  1. amandina says:

    no i wasn’t ready to marry at 25, even though i wanted to. wanting, and being mentally, financially, emotionally ready are two quite separate things. it depends on the individual.

    p.s. im 26 😥

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